A Good Idea White Wardrobe

Free Standing White Wardrobe

White wardrobe – Are you the type that can get lost in the wardrobe – and fear what comes out when you open it? Or would you just wish it was a little easier to keep track of your and your family’s clothes? Get good tips and ideas on how to keep your clothes and other things in the best possible way and at the same time get systematic and overview in the wardrobe.

Take advantage of every inch when designing and decorating your white wardrobe – so you won’t have to waste space just collecting dust. Build from floor to ceiling and use the top shelves in the cabinet for storing suitcases and other items that you do not pull out so often, possibly in smart boxes. It may sound banal, but in fact there are many who do not get it done.

Divide your clothes by categories – dresses, pants, blouses, etc. – and possibly subcategories, such as color or apartment (formal, festive, business, casual). It makes the white wardrobe look more stringent and delicious and you find it easier to find what you are looking for. A good idea is also to divide by season so that the thick knit blouses, for example, lie at the back or at the top of the closet in the summer.

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