A Number Of Good Tips Wardrobe Rack You Have Try

Designer Wardrobe Rack

Wardrobe rack – You can create much more space and overview if you utilize the space in your sliding door solution in the most practical way. Here we have gathered a number of good tips and advice from interior design experts who can give you inspiration to get much more out of your storage solution. Consider your wardrobe and do away with yourself how much you really have of different types of clothes to hang. Do you have more blouses than dresses?

Do you have large winter jackets and coats? It depends entirely on your clothing composition in wardrobe rack, whether you need the most high or low hangers. Jerseys, blouses and t-shirts belong in the low sections, as they – when hanging on a hanger – do not take up so much height, while dresses and long jackets need more height and usually hang in a high section with only one bar.

If you have many dresses and other long clothing items such as coats, then count them so you know exactly how much ‘high’ hanging space you need. If you do not have so much of this type of clothing, you can stick to the split sections with two hanger rods one above the other (or a hanger bar over a shelf wardrobe rack), otherwise there will be waste space under the single hanger bar. And it’s about optimizing.

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