About The Under Cupboard Lighting Ideas

Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cupboard Lighting – Under-cabinet lighting illuminates dark corners and shaded areas on kitchen counters, making it easier to see all the details of those vegetables you’re cleaning or the cookies you’re working on. Installing lights to the underside of the kitchen cupboards are not difficult or very costly and will add very to the functionality of your kitchen. You will be surprised to discover what you have not been seeing.

Under-cabinet lighting adds another layer of light in your kitchen. The lights on the ceiling provide general lighting, but cannot reach the corners and areas that are shaded by the projection of the kitchen cabinets. Lights under the cupboards take care of those lost spaces and chase all the darkness’s away.

There are a few types of lights that can be installed under the cabinets, but the most common, until recently, that is, they are fluorescent tubes. Presently (light-emitting diodes) LED lights are increasing in popularity because they use smaller energy. There is also track lighting, as well as pot lights, which are round, flat lights in the shape of discs. Fluorescent tubes are the easiest to install, and the least expensive. Lighting specialists say that 1 foot of the lighting under the cupboards is lightened 48 inches from the top.

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