Basement Storage Shelves Ideas

Basement Storage Plan

Basement storage wooden shelving is the thing that can change completely and improve any basement that has a lack of storage space. Shelving can be quickly built and installed by most common people. There is no need for a professional carpenter.

Decide on which wood to be used for the project. For a cheaper and easier job, try to use the alder. However, for something better and more durable, try using a wood such as cedar or pine. Buy at least 120 feet of wood, one foot wide each plank. Cut eight of the planks 10 feet long, two of them to 8 feet long and seven of them to a foot long. To do this, use a table saw. Go little by little and try to make as clean of cuts as possible.

Use a standard router to cut grooves for the shelving sections to fit. Cut a groove on each foot and on the ends of the pieces that are 8 feet long, and cut a groove on the top and bottom ends and in the middle of each of the long pieces of 10 feet. Make sure it is marked before cutting. Use a sander source to thoroughly sand all planks. Round every corner and get the surfaces as smooth as possible.

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