Building Easy Black Wardrobe

Luxury Black Wardrobe

Black wardrobe can be one of the messiest and disorganized places in the home. Because it is an area usually off-limits for guests, it is tempting to just open the door and keep filling things in. After a while it will be difficult to navigate through the clutter and the entire space becomes a major disaster. Laying shelves is an easy way to rearrange and reclaim your wardrobe.


Preparing Closet

Remove all items from the black wardrobe so you have a safe and better workplace. Determine how many shelves you want and determine what kind of items you will store on them so you know how far apart the space shelves. Locate and mark the studs behind the wall. Studs are the vertical supports behind the surface outside the wall. They are usually 2 x 4 inches, with the 4-inch side creating the space between the walls. This job is simple with a rule detector, a tool that will alert you when it detects a change in density in the area behind it. Slowly move the slider detector horizontally across the wall until the stud detects the signals with either a beep or another colored light. Use a pen to mark that location.

Measure 16 inches horizontally from the first located stud. Test this area with rule detector. If you do not get the signal that the dub is present, measure up another 6 inches. Locate and mark all the bolts using the above method. Measure and record the length of the wardrobe. To measure the length of the black wardrobe, start from the rear left corner and stretch the tape measure over the back wall ending at the back right corner.

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