Building Knife Storage

Picture Knife Drawer

Knives are the most difficult kitchen item to store properly. Throwing them in a box generally results in distorted or chipped leaves. Storing them on a magnetic strip or in knife storage can keep your knives constantly dusty. If you could somehow combine safety with a knife block with the tidiness of a box, it would be perfect storage.


Measure the longest and widest leaves of your kitchen knives. The box configuration is largely dependent on your specific needs. If you have lots of wide knife storage, you may need more blocks than anyone who has a huge collection of roast knives. Cut equal lengths of trim from each of 3/4-times-3/4-inch-by-8-foot trim and 1/2-by-1/2-inch-by-foot trim, based on the length of your longest knife. Use larger trim to cut blocks longer blades and smaller trim for smaller knives, such as roast knives.

Put the cut blocks in your box in a single layer, arrange them until you are satisfied with their configuration. Be sure to leave enough space between the blocks for your knife blades to sit securely. If you want to build a knife handle rest for your larger knives, cut it from 1/2-by-1/2-inch-by-8-foot piece, placing it perpendicular to the blocks to hold the blade. Glue each block to the bottom of the box at the location you placed it. Pick up each block one at a time, apply the glue, and replace in the same place. This will prevent you from losing your distance. Allow to dry for the time indicated on glue (usually 8-24 hours).

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