Building Luxury Wardrobe Organizer

Rectangle Wardrobe Organizer

Wardrobe organizer – Having a well-organized wardrobe is the key to finding your clothes faster. Creating a luxury wardrobe allows you to store other items, besides clothing such as accessories and shoes. Building your own luxury wardrobe organizer is a great alternative to paying hundreds of dollars to have a wardrobe specialist come out and install one for your space.


Remove all items from your wardrobe so you can take accurate measurements. Using a tape measure, measure the width, height and length of your wardrobe. Write down all these measurements and bring them to the nearest hardware store specializing in wardrobe organizer. Tell the wardrobe to organize the department that you are interested in installing a wardrobe organizer and would like to design a system that works best for your space. They will print a design and provide you with the necessary kit for your wardrobe. Sometimes you may have to buy several kits to create the luxury organizer for your wardrobe.

Read the instructions for wardrobe organizer that you have been provided with. Many of the wardrobe organizer kits come with all the supplies needed to install them. Assemble each organizer by following the instructions. Be aware that each individual unit can take several hours to mount. Anchor your lower units to the wall first with the help of input anchors included in the kit. Once you have placed these anchors carefully, drill them in the wall to secure all your lower wardrobe organizers. Then, using a screw, connect the unit to the wall anchors. Repeat this for all the lower closet units until you have completed the installation all of them.

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