Cedar Closet Lining Aromatic Style Ideas

Cedar Closet Lining Nursery

Cedar closet lining – Eastern red cedar, or aromatic red cedar, is a popular liner for cabinets, due to its natural ability to repel insects and discourage mold. After a while, the cedar oil evaporates and the pores of the wood clog and odor fades. If you have an old cedar wardrobe in your home, the following steps can revive the fragrance of the wood. Empty the cabinet completely of its contents. Set a tarp or sheet of plastic to protect the floor.

Drape plastic sheets over the opening of the cedar closet lining to prevent the spread of sanding dust throughout the house. Wear a face mask and protective clothing. Use medium grain sandpaper (80 to 120 grains) with an orbital sander. Move the sander back and forth in long, horizontal lines, superimposed. Work in sections, from top to bottom. Use a constant average pressure. Hold the sander firmly and sand the inside edges of the walls at the corners.

Move the sander up and down without touching the adjacent wall to avoid “vibration marks” from the formation. Monitor the sandpaper. Change it when the grain is clogged with sanding dust. Use a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the cedar closet lining siding after sanding. Examine the sucked areas with an antistatic cloth to remove the remains of fine particles of sanding dust. The treatment of wood with cedar oil.

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