Cozy To Eat In Cupboard Restaurant

About Cupboard Restaurant

You will have noticed: restaurants “cupboard restaurant” flock everywhere. And for good reason, these have many advantages! Which? Dr. BonneBouffe delivers them to you in the article of the day! An all -you- can-eat buffet is a concept of catering that consists of providing dishes in a place (an all-you-can-eat restaurant) where guests serve themselves and can decide for themselves what dishes and quantities they will eat .

In general, unlimited formulas are set in exchange for a fixed price: for a relatively small sum (often equivalent to the price of a dish à la carte), you have unlimited access to a wide variety of dishes. The principle is very tempting since you can, for a small fee, eat without constraint quantity until rupture of the stomach! A buffet offers many possibilities. You can taste a very wide choice of dishes ranging from starter to dessert, dishes that you might not dare to choose their menu?

An argument that is likely to please big gourmands! While a la carte, we can risk to remain unsatisfied at the end of the meal, restaurants buffets at will: no risk! You can … fart the unscrupulous bide out with a high note, since the price of the meal remains the same whatever the quantities you have eaten!


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