Creative Ideas For Ribbon Storage In Home

Door Ribbon Storage

Ribbon storage – Crafters, sewing artists and avid gift wrapping often have many rolls of ribbon in their supply closet. The ribbon rollers can be bulky, absorbing much needed space in a drawer or cabinet. Storage of the tape rolls in a box or drawer does not allow easy visibility. Make horizontal tape storage using a curtain bar across the back of a cabinet on a wall, between two enclosures or hanging from the ceiling.

Brace curtain rod on metal fittings that are at least 8 inches away from the wall so that the tape rolls will flip. A voltage bar between two enclosures or in a doorway will also store tapes and have easy access. Suspend a curtain rod from the ceiling by making a loop hanger with 22-gauge craft wire. Cut two lengths of wire twice as long as the desired length of the hanger.

Make a loop in the middle and wind energy the ends of each wire around a small cup hook attached to the ceiling. Space in cup hooks to match the width of the curtain rod. Rest the ends of the curtain rod in loops of the wire. Thread tape rolls side by side over curtain bar with the band ends facing downwards. This will allow you to remove the tape evenly from the individual rolls as needed.

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