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Cupboard Drawer

Cupboard hardware – You want to create a custom closet to optimize your space but you do not know what material to take? Do not panic, read our tips. Wood is the most used material for making doors and shelves in a closet. Easy to work, it is cut precisely (with a portable circular saw) and without difficulty to get the exact dimensions needed for your closet. Resistant and aesthetic, the wood adapts to all the tastes and all the budgets thanks to its numerous possible colors and existing sorts.

The plywood is probably the easiest to use. Opt for planks 18 or 20 millimeters thick. This allows the use of normal wood screws type 5×45 or 5×50, without specific tools. This material resists well over time and does not fear water. Aluminum can be a good alternative to wood especially for the realization of sliding doors. Its strengths are its solidity, its wide range of colors, and its low need for maintenance.

If your budget is tight, it’s better to choose aluminum. A wooden cabinet door could cost double, especially if you choose to take plywood. The most economical will turn to melamine or latte. Finally, a mirror and glass doors or decorations will add a significant cost to your closet.

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