Design Ideas For Free Standing Wardrobe

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Free Standing Wardrobe – In most rooms, an 8-foot-long closet occupies a good portion of the wall. Or you do not have enough clothes to fill the closet, you can design it to make the best use of space. If you use a closet system organization or create a double room, you can keep your closet from getting disorganized.

For many people, an 8-foot-long hanging from the clothes rod is unnecessary; Even if you use all the horizontal space, the area under the clothes is usually underutilized. Instead of allowing the space to go unused, fill it with the organizers. Installation hanging organizers pushed to the side of the closet and uses them to store folded clothes, shoes or accessories. You can also insert in a tall, narrow dresser to serve the same purpose. Other possibilities include shoe racks on the floor or even a second hanging rod midway to the floor if your 8-foot bar is not enough time for all the shirts and other short pieces of clothing.

When you have a large closet, the doors can take a good part of the wall. Put them to use to make the closet more efficient. You can use the door organizers for shoes, purses, and accessories, for example, or hang art engravings of swinging doors. Make your room look bigger by installing mirrors on the doors; Install the ice cream stripes for a sophisticated appearance and to reduce the brightness. You can also hang a sliding curtain from the floor to the ceiling above the door to disguise and add a burst of color.

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