Drawer Storage To Optimize Your Space

Child Storage Drawer

Drawer storage – Optimize storage space? It’s possible! To save space , we opt for clever storage that is multifunctional or slip into every nook. Corner storage, under the eaves, under the stairs, in height … from the kitchen, to the bedroom, through the bathroom or the living room, we offers good ideas to win square meters of storage. In the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room or even the bedroom, there are clever storage spaces that allow you to optimize the space.

Particularly well designed, this furniture very deco, serves as a coffee table but also has two large storage drawers . Cherry on the cake ? The half-board that is raised to put his book or computer.   The wall above the table can also become a storage space : simple hooks accommodate a kitchen chair while this shallow shelf is completed with a support bar to hang a wire basket or drainer.

Cutlery, towels, sauces … No more unnecessary trips.  Perfect for toilets or small bathrooms , this vanity unit fits easily in every nook and cranny. And despite its minimalist dimensions, there is no shortage of storage, with two deep drawers for linens but also shelves placed on the side.  Check our gallery to inspire you!

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