Dream Of Good Wardrobe Design

Modern Wardrobe Design

It is the dream of many homeowners: a real ‘walk-in wardrobe design’. But whether you want to make a walk-in closet or store your wardrobe in a different way, good cabinet design is an art. How do you ensure that your clothes, shoes and accessories are properly stored, while your cupboard looks neat? In this article we give you some inspiring and practical examples of a beautiful cabinet design.

On both sides of this luxury walk-in wardrobe design, doors remove the view from the wardrobe. But we know that space must be unimaginable! Large, minimalist design and modern. The back wall forms a shoe cabinet. A special feature of this is that the cabinet is not built against the wall, but that it falls into the wall.

The choice of materials ensures that the image remains calm: the cabinet itself is closed, the only color in the room comes from the shoes. Two shelves provide significantly more space above the hanging part of the cupboard. Also on the sides, which would otherwise be too narrow to use, space has been made for, for example, underwear, socks, scarves or jewelery. Because this walk-in wardrobe design is very deep, it was decided to place a stool with a table and mirror at the back.

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