Dressing Up The Old Antique Armoire Wardrobe

Vintage Antique Jewelry Armoire

Antique Armoire Wardrobe – Sliding wardrobes doors are functional but not always attractive. If your wooden wardrobe sliding doors have seen better days, give them a quick makeup. Upgrade sliding doors require more creativity because you cannot use embellishments that stick out. Decorative handles, ornaments or other elements with any depth will interfere with the sliding door in your track. Decorative painting techniques help to add visual interest to the doors while allowing them to open and close freely.

Remove the doors from the track. Having an extra pair of hands makes this task easier because the doors are large and sometimes clumsy. Set the doors on a pair of easels. Use a damp cloth and mild dishwashing soap mixed with warm water to clean the cabinet doors. This removes any dirt and grime on the doors. Sand the doors using a hand sander or sander. Wipe off the remaining powder with a damp cloth. Apply a coat of primer to the sanded cabinet doors. The primer helps the paint memory and produces a smoother finish. Allow the primer to dry completely.

Paint the Cabinet doors with the selected color. Work in thin layers for a better finish. Two to three thin layers should provide a good finish on the doors. Use a template to apply an image to the cabinet doors. You will find a variety of stencil designs in home improvement and craft shops. Choose something that goes well with your decoration. Another option is to use painter’s tape to make stripes or pictures on the closet door. Paint inside the ribbon lines to create the designs. Hang the closet doors painted on the track once the paint is dry.

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