Easy Makeover The Cupboard Doors

Wooden Cupboard Doors

cupboard door – The cupboard, in addition to a practical and functional function, have an aesthetic and decorative sense. The door being the most visible part and therefore, the part that most influences the environment and decoration of our home. Are your cupboard door damaged or do you feel like giving them a change? Decorating the cupboard doors is a solution that is not expensive and the possibilities of personalization are many.

You may choose to do it because they are slightly damaged or because they are very simple and you want to make them more attractive. If your goal is to transform the doors of your cupboards, try these ideas that will go very well. Partially painted cupboard door; if you just want to give a different touch to the doors of your cupboards, painting them partially is a good solution.

Get a template with the motif you want (moles, triangles, birds, etc). And see moving that motif to your door with paint. It looks great with a drawing as simple as polka dots. For those who prefer graphic lines, with bodybuilder’s tape, establish reserves with the design you choose and paint the cupboard door designs. You will see the design with the same color as the base when you remove the bodybuilder ribbon.

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