Easy Way Wardrobe Paint

Colors Cupboard Paint

Cupboard paint can provide a fresh, new look to the entire room. It may also be an addition to the value of your home, which is an investment in the property. Painting wardrobe doors are not enough as it is equally important to paint from the inside. Since we put our valuable clothes and shoes in these small rooms, it is important to make them look clean and tidy even from the inside. Wardrobe painting does not have to be a challenging task, as there are ways to simplify the project

Painting Inside

Often people start cupboard paint directly from the closet doors. But it is better to start from inside the closet and then turn the outer walls later. Remove everything and clean the walls with a soft cloth. Make sure the wall is free of dirt and mold. You can also use masking tape. When you have covered shelves, cover the floor tiles with either newspapers or drop cloths. Let the paint dry for at least 30 minutes before the second coat. Before putting your stuff back in, let the other coat dry for at least a full day.

Painting doors

To cupboard paint doors, start by removing all obstacles such as hooks, nails and glue from the door surface. Remove door handles and locks. Repair any scratches or damage so you have a smooth surface to paint. Carefully clean. Paint the doors from the bottom to the top, which helps color to move in the direction of the wood fibers. When you are done, wipe the too-large paint with an old cloth. Allow to dry for a full day before sliding the doors over and painting the opposite sides.

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