Food Storage Cabinet Idea

Tall Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinet

Food storage cabinet – There is congestion in refrigerators, freezers and kitchen cabinet. In fact, many foods can easily stay outside the refrigerator. You can use as a rule of thumb that if the product does not stand in the store, you can also easily store it at room temperature at home – at least until you open it.

Sweet and crispy

Cookies and other home baking are an important part of Christmas, and it is with good reason that we have the habit of storing the crisp, small cakes in cans storage cabinets for kitchen. Cans make sure that the baked goods are crisp and delicious, as long as they are dry and not too cold. Closed plastic boxes and the like, on the other hand, are a bad idea if you want to keep the cookies crisp. And of course it is cozy and delicious to have the home baked standing on dishes and in bowls, but be aware that the cookies are also soft and boring if they are standing too long.


Did you know that your tomatoes actually lose up to 66% of flavorings when refrigerated? It has been demonstrated in a scientific study by the Journal of Food Chemistry, which also showed that refrigerated chilled tomatoes can recover large portions of the lost flavors if stored at 20 degrees for 24 hours after being refrigerated. So there is good reason to store your tomatoes in a basket or the like on the kitchen table or in the pantry cabinet ideas.

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