Handbag Storage Ideas

Handbag Teenager Storage

Seed beads, small spherical beads ranging from less than a millimeter to a few millimeters in size. Come in a variety of colors, making it easy to build a large collection of handbag storage that lead to a messy craft space. Create your own simple storage solution for your seed grain collection to keep your creative space, and creative mind, easy to read.

Pipes of Seed Beads

Some handbag storage comes in small plastic tubes that seem comfortable enough to store on their own until you collect a few tens. You will find, after collecting a few dozen tubes, a box in your craft space messy and that it is not possible to find beads you want quickly. Create a simple storage solution for all these tubes with bullets that will release this box while making it easy for you to see what you have so you can find what you want.

Take a board that is one inch or two thick. Use a drill bit that will drill a hole of the same diameter as the bottom of the seed handbag storage. Drill a grid of holes in the board. Hang the board from the wall and keep the tubes of beads in the holes as sticks. Now all the pipes will stay out of the way and organized. You can also sort the tubes of color to make locating specific colors a quick task.

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