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Wardrobe Steamer Trunk Vintage Military

Wardrobe steamer trunk – If we now stack our belongings in dwarf suitcases to avoid paying overweight on airplanes, before the mere idea of ​a trip was already very different. Beginning with how it was done and ending with how they transported their personal items. In this situation in which Louis Vuitton began to develop his chores. As happens nowadays, the suitcases when traveling suffered.

The exhibition covers the 160 years of history of a brand that has known how to adapt to the times and evolve with them, always printing a unique and artisan character. After creating wardrobe steamer trunk for train trips such as the Wardrobe trunk, a cupboard with coat rack on one side and a chest of drawers on the other, Louis Vuitton anticipated, once again, the car journeys, revealing iconic models such as the Roof Trunk.

A trunk designed to carry on the roof of the car or the Driver’s Bag, a bag for the driver. We are also in full epoch of boat trips when the transoceanic crossings arose. For this, they created their wardrobe steamer trunk, a travel bag that could be stored inside a trunk-cupboard or under the bed of the cabin, thanks to the flexibility of the materials used.  The boats were followed by air travel, creating the Aero Trunk and the Aviette.

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