How To Build A Pantry Cupboard

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Pantry Cupboard – One way to let friends and neighbors know is your creative ability to build a pantry cupboard that has your personality built right on. You can build the units that can be put together to create a larger unit. Just remember that shelves over 30 inches tend to lean under the weight placed on them. For this reason, the construction of smaller units and joining them to create a larger unit is more practical than the construction of large units with long shelves. It also makes them easier to install, especially if they are in an existing pantry cupboard.

Place the two pieces of 1-by-12-by-84-inch wood on a work table. Measure from one end and make a mark in 4 inches. Place the Square framed in the mark and draws a line across the width of the wood. This is for the bottom shelf. Measure from the other end of the 84-inch wood and make a mark at 1½ inches. Place the Square framed in the mark and draws a line across the width of the wood.

Drill holes some inches from the top and bottom lines and 1 inch from the edges. Configure at the end of the pieces at their edges of 84 inches. Apply glue to the edges of the pantry cupboard and 31½-by-84-by-¼-inch plywood in the pantry. Attach the plywood to the pantry with the nails from the 3 pence box. Wipe excess glue immediately with a damp cloth.

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