How To Change Unique Closet Door Ideas

Modern Unique Closet Door Ideas

Unique closet door ideas – While you can surely replace wardrobe doors with other wooden doors in different styles and colors, you can also choose to skip traditional doors completely and utilize various creative options such as door replacements. Such door options can give you better access to your wardrobe, especially if you are lucky enough to have a walk-in version. You can even create a small dressing room, complete with small tables and rugs area, if you choose to use options such as decorative screens as door replacements.


Thread a curtain on a curtain rail and hang it between the door frames. Recycle old curtains you already own by flushing and sewing them to fit the unique closet door ideas. You can also make your own curtain design by sewing different curtain patterns together to make a large curtain. Decorative leaves are another option that you can fold and sew to size to use as a cloth door. Place a screen in front of the closet. Use a regular wood screen, which you can paint and decorate as desired if you wish, or buy a decorative screen that has various carvings and patterns.

Use swing doors – also called saloon doors – as replacement unique closet door ideas. Such doors come in the set and swing inwards and outwards. They also work well for bedrooms with walk-in closets, as they can make the room seem larger or more open. Take advantage of other hanging door options, such as roll-up bamboo screens or various beaded “doors.” Use wooden beaded or plastic beaded doors depending on the interior of the bedroom. Colorful plastic beaded doors, for example, can work well in a child’s or teen’s room.

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