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Modern Wardrobe – Is your wardrobe a wreck? Can’t find an outfit when you need one? Read on to find out how to clear your modern wardrobe so you can have a modern wardrobe. Remove everything from your wardrobe. The reason for this is that we want everyone to post so we can look at each part separately to see if it goes back into your wardrobe

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Sort your piles of clothes in similar items. For example, all pants together, all jeans together, all blouses, all sweaters, all dresses, all skirts etc. Try on all points-The purpose here is to see what fits and what is not. To keep your modern wardrobe from being crowded-Nothing looks worse-we have to sift it off that doesn’t fit right now. Make a pile of things that don’t suit you – that need to be stored or given away (see later steps). Put all these items in a box labeled not fit. You can save it if you can’t part with it or give it away to the Salvation Army or someone you know who can use it.

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Fold jeans and sweaters to suit you. Put jeans in a modern wardrobe and sweaters on a shelf or in a box. These two types of pieces should not be hung in the closet. Check each item to see if any spots are present or if something needs repairing – for example, a missing button or busted seam. Put something that requires repairs in a box labeled repairs. Discard any colored items and you will not be able to get stains on them in the discard box.

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