How To Repair Country Cupboard

Ornament Country Cupboard

Country cupboard – Many homeowners choose cupboard when choosing a kitchen, dining room and bathroom furniture. This is because chipboard is much cheaper than solid wood and can have the same total effect as expensive cabinets. Broken chipboard cabinets can be easily attached with some important materials.


Cut two pieces of flat parts of plastic milk jug. Make sure the pieces are about the same size as the broken area. Place the broken piece of country cupboard on the area of ​​the cabinet left off. Place a plastic piece on the underside of the break and other plastic pieces on top of the break. Keep broken chipboard steady. Squeeze the broken chipboard in place, holding a layer of plastic between the clip and chipboard. This will protect the clip from sticking to the board when the adhesive is applied.

Hold the country cupboard upright with the broken area pointed up. The glue will go through chipboard, tie it together. Spray the area with an aerosol adhesive activator. Allow it to harden for about 30 to 45 seconds, or longer, depending on the size of the opening. Remove the clamp and test the repair. If the area feels fragile, repeat the process. If the area feels strong, sand the area smooth chipboard and get rid of excess dried glue.

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