Ideas For Deep And Narrow Wardrobe

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Narrow Wardrobe – Long and narrow cabinets allow a large amount of storage, but the inconvenience of its shape is something that can prevent access regularly completely. A long and narrow closet can be used to its full potential considering how you are going to store your things and what options allow you to maximize the space you have available.

When it comes to a long, narrow closet, you do not have room for waste. Make your shoes off the floor by installing a shoe rack door, which has pockets for a dozen pairs of shoes. These shelves can be made of cloth or clear plastic and are a good way to clean your floor, as well as to keep your shoes in good condition.

Knock out any improperly placed bars in the closet and an interconnected system of clothing closet rods using folding shower rods. Place a rod in the back of the cabinet and as high up as you can. Place the second rod closest to the front and a little below the height of the shoulder. More costumes, as well as seasonal clothing, can go to the back bar, while less clothing and clothing to wear every day can go in the front.

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These are reader choosen ideas narrow wardrobe.