Ideas Of Best Portable Wardrobe Closet

Modern Portable Wardrobe Closet

Portable wardrobe closet are usually independent. They consist of a fabric covered frame; it has a door that opens and closes by a zipper and is equipped with a peg for hanging clothes. Many people use portable lockers when they do not have enough space in their closets. If you are interested in lifting your portable closet to save space, it can be manipulated to hang by adding eyelets. The eyelets will allow you to hang the closet from the ceiling with hooks and chains.

Add curtain eyelets in the four upper corners of the portable wardrobe closet. Place a washer in a corner and trace the inner circle with a marker. Cut out the circle with scissors. Place a half of the washer around one side of the hole and the other half through the back side of the hole. Place the washers on a block of wood. Place a buttonhole regulator on top of the washers. Hit the back of the eyelet setter with a mallet to lock the two buttonhole halves together.

Attach the hooks to the ceiling where you want to hang the portable wardrobe closet. Arrange the ceiling hooks in a square formation, spacing them into points equivalent to separating the washers. Drill pilot holes in a ceiling joist or by means of drywall, using a drill. Use roof bolts with thumbscrews if you are not inserting the hooks into the roof rafters. A tilt bolt is inserted through the hole in the roof, and then its arm supports are opened. The arms will anchor the hook from the opposite side of the drywall. Screw the hooks on the joists or alternate screws by hand.

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