Ideas Of Rolling Storage Cupboards

Storage Cupboards Drawer

Storage cupboards must have a sufficiently wide base to provide stability when moving the cabinet, especially when the cabinet is filled with heavy items. Build your own storage cabinet, you can customize the dimensions to fit the space and include as many shelves as desired. Larger shelves should always be distributed at the bottom of the cabinet, to further increase stability. Wheels on the base of the cabinet enable simple transitions between storage locations.


Arrange four half-by-24-by-36-inch side boards in a perfect 36 1/2-by-36 1/2-inch square, allowing each board to butt up to the side of another board. Use the drill to make three holes in the side of each board so that the holes go through the board and at the end of the board as buttocks up against it. Set a half, which will be the rear part of the storage cupboards, on top of the framed boards. Drill holes every eight inches around the edge of the rear board and into the adjacent board. Insert 2-inch wood screws into the holes, and tighten them completely.

Turn the storage cupboards around so that the bottom of the cabinet is facing upwards. Pre-drill a hole in each corner of the cabinet using a drill of the same size as the diameter of flywheel threads. Place a flywheel in each hole, and tighten the knob until it is fully installed. Repeat for the other wheels, ensuring that all four wheels are tightened to an even depth. Open the board as if it were already installed as the door, and position two hinges evenly between the door and the cabinet. Mark the places for the hinge s screw holes on the door and cabinet.

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