Installing Cupboard Latch

Satin Cupboard Latch

Cupboard latch – Safety 1st manufactures child safety items, including car seats and childproofing mechanisms. Safety 1st Oven Lock keeps the door closed prevents children from incinerating or injures when attempting to open a heavy oven door. The lock is easy for adults to use so you can still access the oven easily. Installing the lock is simple and requires no special equipment.


Select the location on the oven where you want to install the lock. The cupboard latch should be high enough to be out of reach for young children. You must install it on a flat surface. The area between the handle and the glass door is a suitable place. Moisten a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol. Wipe the area where you want to install the lock on the front of the oven and on the side. Insert the tabs on the end of the side plate into suitable holes in the front plate to create a hinge. Use a pen to make a small marking along the edge of both the side and front panels.

Unclip the side plate from the faceplate. Remove the paper covering the sticky adhesive on the back of the side plate. Push the plate, adhesive side down and claws toward the front of the oven, in place on the side of the oven according to the marks you have made with the pen. Snap the protrusions of the side plate into the holes in the front plate to cupboard latch the oven door. To open the oven door, press the pins at the end of the side plate while pulling the door open.

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