Installing Garden Storage Is The Easiest To Do

Bike Storage

Garden storage – Spring is the perfect time for gardening! Almost all gardens have a shed where we keep tools, seeds, seals, etc. So how can we do better to store all these things and organize this space? Of course, installing some storage furniture is the easiest to do, but what about making furniture in boxes of wine or milk? You can also attach seals to the walls of garden sheds and save space.

Use funnels to put things in, or hooks for attaching shovels or scissors and store the seeds in empty jams. Storage of firewood can take unnecessary space around the stove. Therefore, I have built a bench beside the stove, where I can sit snugly on a cold winter day and at the same time have room for firewood. I have made a burner stand that is both smart, cheap and easy to make.

The stand consists of” partitions “of pipes that are mounted in holes in wooden struts. The cross struts are attached to the wall with shelf brackets so that the burner stand becomes divided into compartments. This makes it easy to keep track of firewood. I have for example a room into smaller pieces that are used for lighting. Look at our pictures for more practical ideas!

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