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Marker storage – One of the hardest areas to keep clean is your child’s room. Often papers, markers, drafts, rulers, and other items will saturate the dressers or the floor. It is important to teach your child to be clean, and one way to encourage this is to create an office space just for him. A child’s office can be located in your room or in another room in the house. While not all items in your child’s office resemble your account, you can implement some office storage ideas that are just for her.

With your child, plan a strategy to organize your office space and keep it tidy. Make a list of the groups of items that you have to follow the track. Your list should include colored pencils, construction paper, plain paper, markers, a binder for workable objects, pens and pencils, scissors, tape, paints, notebooks, books and anything else that you regularly use when doing art projects or homework.

Next, decide how each item in the list should be stored. While some items, such as markers, pencils and crayons, could go in a large drawer, it is easier and cleaner to keep these items separated in shallow trays or different cups. Empty baby clean the containers are a perfect place to store small items, and because they have a lid, which also easily accumulates. Try to plan for each item to have its own container that can be set in a drawer or put on a shelf.

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