Measurements In Wardrobe Shelving

Wardrobe Shelving Drawer

Wardrobe shelving – When designing or reorganizing a closet space, it is a good idea to determine the most common measurements for shelves in a wardrobe. This will help you determine which items can go there, and how many shelves you need to complete the wardrobe design. Although not all shelves follow these guidelines, there are some general rules used by large wardrobe shelves manufacturers.

Vertical Shelf Spacing Heights

One of the most standardized measurement shelves is height. Wardrobe shelving can hold many items, from clothes to sports equipment to small and large. Most little things are kept in boxes that go on the floor of the closet. Therefore, the first shelves are usually installed somewhere 16-20 inches from the floor to provide plenty of storage space. Shelves holding sweaters and sweat shirts are usually 15 inches high, while shoe shelves are 8 inches high, allowing for boots and high heel storage. If you plan to store socks on a shelf, this shelf makes 12 inches high.


Shelves range in depth from 8 inches to 16 inches. Wardrobe shelving for clothing items is usually 16 inches deep, while shelves for drawers are 12 inches deep. The top shelf is usually 48, 68 or 83 inches from the floor, when hanging clothes under it. The top shelf usually hangs three inches above the clothes rail. So if the clothes rail is hung at 45 inches – a good height for a man’s suit – the shelf is located at 48 inches. For long garments, such as dresses and coats, the shelves begin just above the clothing bar from 60 to 65 inches. In double-hung wardrobe rods, hang the top bar at 80 inches, so the shelf is mounted straight above this rod.

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