Mid Century Wardrobe: Get A Luxurious Look!

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Mid century wardrobe – Even if you do not have a lot of space, you can still create a lot of space with a handy cabinet design. Not only on both sides of the mirror is made cupboard space, but also the top of the back wall has cupboards. The lighting on both sides of the mirror gives this room a luxurious look, especially because a wooden table is placed between the cabinets. How a small space can get a luxurious look!

Open cabinets built on tightly designed drawers. A romantic atmosphere is created by the deep pile carpet and soft lighting. The bench in the middle of the walk-in closet completes the picture. Although we have seen larger walk-in closets, the design of this walk-in closet provides unprecedented space. This is a good example of a modern interior design with a classic and romantic touch.

Are the drawers of your cupboard often too cluttered? Everything is mixed up, and nothing can be found anymore. That’s why this drawer device is so handy: at a glance you can see what is in the cupboard, and everything stays neat and undamaged. In the example, badgers have been used, but this solution is also very suitable for storing underwear or jewelry.

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