Nordic And Stylish Look White Cupboard

Clean White Cupboard

White cupboard – Easily pick up your old cupboard or chest of drawers and get an extra personal touch. All that is needed is a little paint. For a bucket of paint and a few hundred dollars you can get a whole new piece of furniture into your home and at the same time add a new style to your home. Is the cabinet already painted? Sand it with sandpaper, wash it in the ground cleaner and let it dry, then paint better.

Freshen up your old white cupboard with a light pastel color and add extra personality to your decor. The light yellow cabinet is super beautiful and practical for storage. Are you crazy about the Nordic and stylish look? Then paint your closet in a color that suits your decor so you get a look you like when the closet is closed and cleaned up. Paint the cabinet in the same color as the wall behind. In this way, it becomes more invisible and does not sound in the interior.

Do you want to make stripes or graphic patterns on a white cupboard? First, paint the entire cabinet, let it dry, and then apply the paint tape in the pattern you want. To get a sharp edge, you must now close the tape. First paint the pattern or strip with the creator’s bottom color, let it dry and then paint with the color that the strip should have. It gives sharp lines.

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