Optimized Solution For Guitar Storage System

Guitar Cabinet Display

Guitar storage – In the next post we will go into one of the storage systems that allows us to carry out the storage of palletized products with a great variety of referents: the conventional system or selective rack. The conventional system is the most widespread storage system. It allows us to have access to all cargo units at all times. This is known as a chaotic storage procedure.

It is the universal system par excellence and provides us with an optimized solution for those warehouses that require storing a large number of palletized product references. This storage system is composed of metal shelves easily adaptable to different formats, weight and volumetry of the load units and, in addition, gives us the possibility of combining palletized load with a manual load for picking at the lower levels in the same installation, so it allows us to have excellent stock control.

For this system of industrial shelving, the support that we use as a load unit is the pallet and the measures of the shelves will be a function of the dimensions of these pallets. The conventional system gives us a series of advantages and aspects to take into account when carrying out the storage process.

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