Practical And Beautifully Small Parts Storage

Diy Small Garage Storage Units

Small parts storage – Mission of the day: transforming your studio into a practical and beautifully decorated home thanks to smart storage and in tune with the times. Obviously, it is forbidden to skimp on the rendering that will be trend and your image. And because it is not so easily impressed, the editors took up the challenge and set off on a quest for both functional and design ideas.

Corner furniture, coat hooks on the wall, a stack of magazines transformed into ottoman, shelves to the ceiling, a fireplace transformed into storage, ideas are not lacking to optimize the surface of this small place where room, lounge and kitchen must coexist in one room.  If you place all your furniture and belongings on the floor, the square meters will quickly be used up.

The walls can be used for more than just posters and pictures and in fact there is a large storage possibility in the walls. One can use the wall for storage in the kitchen. Both kitchen utensils, pots, pans and mugs can be hung on the wall using rods and sticks. In this way some belongings are removed from the kitchen drawers and cabinets, which can thus be used for other storage.

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