Practical And Functional 3 Door Wardrobe

3 Door Wardrobe Glass

3 door wardrobe sliding is a practical and functional solution that is suitable for all the living space. Because sliding doors are pushed aside, and not into space, you can utilize space optimally and get storage solutions where there is little space. A custom-made cabinet with sliding doors provides more storage space, and it can be designed for your needs and the room where the cabinet is to be placed.

You can design your 3 door wardrobe so you get a personalized solution that meets all your needs and dreams. To get started, you first need to know which design options you have to choose from. The cabinet’s body / gables, profile and filling are all you see when the cabinet is closed. You are the designer and you can put together your closet exactly as you wish.

The cupboard’s fixtures and fittings must be assembled so that it is practical and functional. Think about what you should use your sliding 3 door wardrobe to, and make the decor match. When choosing the sliding door profile, it is the frame around the door filling that you need to decide on. Choose from four different profiles. The sliding door filling is what the door itself is made of. You must therefore decide what colors and materials you want.

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