Pretty Necklace Storage Ideas And Display

Hang Necklace Storage

Necklace storage – Surely you have at home many elements and objects that you had never thought that could have an alternative use. You can use them to organize and store your beauty accessories. Most women love to buy accessories to complement our clothes, impose a style or feel more comfortable. Costume jewelery, glasses and handkerchiefs are only a small part of all those objects … However, something we do not pay much attention to is the place where we store all these elements.

The hangers on which you hang your favorite garments are also a useful element to accommodate the earrings, necklaces and other items of costume jewelery . A great advantage is that it allows you to put them separately, which prevents them from becoming entangled or ending up damaging. If you put a few metal hooks on the door of your closet you will have a perfect place to put your necklaces, chains and scarves.

In addition, you can have them in view and it will be easier for you to choose the accessory that fits you best with the clothes you are going to wear. The frame of an old picture can be an interesting option to hang various accessories with a lot of style. For example, you can stick a piece of thin paper or cardboard, make two holes and put your sunglasses there. You can also put them on tiptoes or hooks to hang necklaces, bracelets or headphones .

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