Renovation Of Small Wardrobe

Concept Small Wardrobe

Small wardrobe – Remodeling a small wardrobe can free up extra space, and make it easier to organize your belongings. Having a small, messy wardrobe will make it very difficult to find something. It may also be possible to store your items and more of a headache to dress. Therefore, adding shelves, scaffolding and storage is the best way to renovate and organize a small wardrobe.


Clean your small wardrobe. Complete each item that you no longer wear or use and separate them into piles outside the closet. Consider donating your old clothes to charity that you don’t want to keep in the house as they will add to the mess. Remove everything else from the closet and store it in another room at the moment. Determine the type of shelves you need for your wardrobe. Clothes that need folding require boxes. In addition, clothes that need hanging need more shelves and stands. Understanding exactly what you need before buying it will save a lot of trouble and money.

Measure the length and width of your small wardrobe and record the results in a notebook. Take the laptop to a home improvement store. Ask the dealer for help in determining what shelves work best in small wardrobe. Buy shelves, scaffolding and storage containers or kitchen cabinets. In addition, you can buy lighting and a color to make the space seem larger. Creams and powder blues tricks eyes and mind to believe that a small space is actually larger. Paint the walls to make the room look bigger. Remember to paint the ceiling as well. A new color will dramatically change the overall feel of the room.

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