Rolling Wardrobe Furniture Ideas

New Style Rolling Wardrobe

Rolling wardrobe has many possible functions. Although the typical use of a closet is extra closet space, cabinets also become television stands, with a discreet hiding space for your television, and even liquor cabinets. A wardrobe changeover involves fresh painting, some new hardware and reworking the interior shelves all of which can be profitable, and some of these items you already have in your home.

Painting is a cost-effective way to give your rolling wardrobe a fresh new look. Painting is also an opportunity to change the style of the closet: Take an old cupboard in brown and transform it into a piece of retro furniture by covering it in a bright red or funky purple. Make through a pine wardrobe with warm country style, covering it in dark brown stain or black paint, even bright, which gives it modern look. Of course, some sanding may be in order after removing the old paint, using paint remover, and before adding the next coat of paint.

Hardware for rolling wardrobe, hardware, knobs and handles are used when opening and closing doors and drawers, it also has a style function: It can completely set the tone of a wardrobe due to its brightness and elegance. Add stainless steel knobs and strip to a closet that is becoming a more modern piece, and consider adding plastic buttons and pulls if you are going to create a more retro element. Of course, the hardware work better adorned with traditional and antique brass pieces and if you are keeping those tones and just making the piece more for a new look.

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