SLN-LKO PASS. (54283) Live Train Running status


Train No.

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Route Station Sch Arr / Act Arr Sch Dep / Act Dep Distance Delay
1 (CSMT)
Km ETT min.
Station Act Arr/Act Dep Delay
ETT min.

Table Abbreviations

  1. *ETA : Estimated Arrival departure
  2. *ETD : Estimated Departure
  3. *ETT : Estimated Time

SLN-LKO PASS. Arrival & Departure detail

The train SLN-LKO PASS. which have indian railways train number 54283 run on the given time table.You can view the live train location on the Google map.Today (25 Sep 2018) this train running status is located from its arrival and departed locations.The delay time display with green and red color.The train started from station () at the time as give in the train tracking table.In the route of SLN-LKO PASS. train these station come.

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