Shower Storage To Make Your Morning Good

Corner Shower Shelf

Shower storage – The walk-in shower allows a layout that is both practical and decorative. Very trendy and flexible to perfection, it adapts to most bathroom styles. It comes in all forms, colors and materials. Complete file to choose and install this walk-in shower. The siphoid drain is the small circular tube (stainless steel or plastic) that connects the receiver to the water drainage system.

Connect the drain to the drain pipe and place the gasket. For a perfect flow, it is advisable to respect a slope of 2 centimeters per meter. Some receivers with integrated legs are ready for use. If this is not the case, you must mount a mini-wall in blocks (or blocks of cellular concrete) to raise the ground. Place the bin on the new base and make sure that the floor ruler is level with the level ruler.

Then comes the sealing step. Make a sealant seal around the drain hole, wait for it to dry and then screw the siphon and the top of the drain. At the edge of the receiver, place a bead of putty on the walls previously cleaned with alcohol to burn. All you have to do is lay the tile of your choice on the outside contour of the base and install the taps.

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