Simple Yet Beautiful Vintage Wardrobe

Old Vintage Wardrobe

Vintage wardrobe – Finding out what to do with clothes and shoes in home can be a great challenge. Should it be hidden away in a closet or hang out so that you can admire its style? And is there even enough room for the wardrobe in the bedroom? If you like natural materials, it is obvious to hunt for a powerful branch in the forest. Unwrap the bark and hang up the branch into some strong string that you wrap around the branch.

With natural materials and a minimalist decor, your vintage wardrobe can have a Nordic look. If you want to create a simple, fine and minimalist expression in your home, you can hang this flying wardrobe stand in your ceiling. The charming stand does not take up much space and does not require much attention. Therefore, the eyes will naturally look for the clothes you have chosen to observe.

On this clothes stand, your clothes can hang beautifully, and you can even use the top shelf for storing your favorite shoes or bags so that they also come into the light and become part of the decor. The frame is treated with linseed oil and linseed oil paint, which is both good for the environment and gives the wood a raw and vintage wardrobe look.

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