Smart Kitchen Cupboard Storage Tips

Apartment Storage Cupboard Kitchen

Kitchen cupboard storage – To get your kitchen off to a good start, first empty your cabinets completely. Take out everything: the plates, the blender, the cut glass sugar bowl, the heart-shaped cake pan, the giant saucepan of corn roasts. Do not forget the bagel cutter and the apple peeler! It is now time to sort it out. Do you really need your bread machine or cheese tray still in its original packaging? It is not uncommon for a family member or friend to need your mismatched cups or bowls that you find out of fashion.

Be realistic and keep only the essentials. It is very rare that a kitchen has storage to no longer know what to do! Over the years, small glasses, wine glasses and cups of coffee have taken place in every corner of the kitchen , making you dance at every meal to find your favorite drink. It’s high time to make a reunion evening!

Gather plates with plates, plastic plates with their cutlery and suddenly see your storage space multiply. For the pantry , use clear containers to classify rice, pasta, cereals and spices. You will be able to see all of your inventory, not to mention that the use of containers of the same size will further optimize your space.

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