Please write valid train No. E.g - 12956

What is Train Spot?

The word Spot is kind of getting status. Here you can get Status of live train. The train which you board to go somewhere have some number so by that number you can spot your train. To Spot the train you need to get the train number and put it in this web portal. The live running status you will get in a table. In india there is more then 7000 trains and these trains have unique numbers. Now you can get running status of your train on mobile app. The train running status always need to know before going to status. So getting train status is called as spot your train or spot ur train.

How to Spot Your Train?

To do this you need to go to above form and use the following steps and find your train with train number.

  1. Get Train Number from your train ticket.
  2. Put the train number in input field of above form.
  3. Now Click on the Spot Your Train.
  4. After that you will redirect to the train running status page.
  5. By this way you can spot any train.

Here is the tutorial descripition with screenshot of the web portal.You can understand better by seeing the images.

As we write in the 1st step in the steps you need a train number to spot your train. The train number you will write in the input field which is shown in the image shown below.Train running status

The Train number mostly in 5 digits which is somthing like 12314. This is enough to spot train location on google map. Train live status

Now See above Image this screen will come after you click on Get train Status. First of All Know all Marker Sigh Info.

Mark 1. It’s the Train Name and Number (Eg. JAMMU ALL EXP [12414] ). Just To make sure that you are looking for the Right train of not.

Mark 2. It’s showing the Latest Departed station of the train (it might be Stoppage or Non-Stoppage Station). Like In this Image Showing Departed from GANDHINAGAR JPR (GADJ).

Mark 3. This Show the Train Late by – Minutes when it’s departed from the Last Station.

Mark 4. This Shows the Day Wise Schedule of the Train of Tick mark means its Running on that Day.

Mark 5. This Column shows the All Station of the Train Between Stating and Ending station

Mark 6. The Scheduled and Actual Arrival of a Particular station.

Mark 7. Scheduled and Actual Departure from the station.

Mark 8. Delay in reaching on the particular station.

You can see your Current Position in the map.

Note: there is a Bug in the map that Sometime its Show Different Direction Due the Double name of the station in the Map. We are tring to Fix that Asap. So if this Issue happen visit after some time to check proper or else you check track from the above table.

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