Steps To Installing Corner Cupboard

Oak Corner Cupboard

Corner cupboard – If you are remodeling or building a new home, chances are you will need new cabinets installed.  It is important to keep the cabinet flat and straight, to ensure a smooth countertop installation. Wood shims can be used to keep the cabinet level during installation. These can be purchased at any home improvement store.


On the wall where the cabinet is to be mounted, locate wooden joists with the aid of a rule detector. In the place where you find a stud, make an X mark on the wall. This allows you to know exactly where to place the screws. Measure how far each pin is from the corner of the room where the corner cupboard is to be installed. Similarly measure and mark cabinets where each stud is located from the corner of the cabinet. There should be two grab screws installed on each stud, one in the bottom cleat and one in the upper cleat. The number of screws varies depending on how many studs are in the wall.

Drill 1/8 inch pilot holes through the back of the cabinet at each mark made in the previous step. Slide the cabinet in place. If the corner cupboard is an upper, make a mark on the wall where it should be installed at the bottom of the cabinet. Have a helper keep the cabinet from the floor in position. Level the cabinet with a spirit level. Use wood shims if needed. Place a two and a half inch long grab screw into each pilot hole and secure the cabinet to the wall. Continue until all screws have been installed.

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