Structural Cupboard Shelves Features

Narrow Cupboard Shelves

Cupboard shelves – The shelf is a key element in the wardrobe, often neglected and little attention is paid to its technical characteristics. In reality it is very important and it is worthwhile purchasing a wardrobe to also evaluate the thickness of the internal shelves. Not all shelves are the same, if you buy cheap cabinets often you find with internal floors in reduced thickness. Which can embark with time and under the weight of the things you bring into the shelving.

The shelves have a containment function. They are the support surface on which are placed the things contained in the closet. In addition to supporting the internal shelves are also the factor of horizontal subdivision of the spaces in the wardrobe: the arrangement of the cupboard shelves inside a module determines how the containment is organized. The shelf also has the function of allowing the insertion of the clothes hanger tubes. Which is fixed by applying it under a floor.

The shelf is not only important to support, but it is also a structural element of fundamental importance. Among the technical features that must have a cabinet to be able to guarantee tightness and not to bend under the load. When a cabinet has a height that reaches up to the ceiling it is important to have a horizontal element that stabilizes the structure. Therefore the cupboard shelves are useful to ensure the tightness of a wardrobe. When a closet module contains floors it is more stable than a completely empty space.

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