The Art Of Organizing Open Wardrobe

Wooden Open Wardrobe

Open wardrobe – If you don’t want to drill in the wall or are lucky enough to have a spacious closet, a stand-alone clothes rack or an open wardrobe can become your best friend. The trick is to make it look good also with the clothes hanging on. A simple and decorative way to do this is to hang clothes rods from wire or rope in the ceiling.

Another one smart idea of open wardrobe is to make extra storage space under the clothes bar. It makes it all seem a little more built-in and international. Put a chest of drawers or two under the pole. Choose a sliding door wardrobe as well, with practical shelves and room for more clothes. As in any other idea, the details and finishes open wardrobe is apply. A raw variant is to hang your clothes on water pipes.

And when you get started – why not emphasize the style with a tap water tap at the end? You should also not underestimate the effect of any fine hangers, such as in copper or wood. In the end open wardrobe, why not hang everything out of the way? You can use towel rails to hang sunglasses, jewelry and belts. The same towel rails hang on a wall, and these take care of high-heeled shoes. Used gold paint spray to get a more glamorous effect on the rods.Open Wardrobe Organizer

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