The Best Kids Wardrobe Organizer

Boys Kids Wardrobe

Kids wardrobe – Are you the lucky owner of a whole room for clothes, shoes and accessories, so pointed ears – here you get the best tips for utilizing the space. It takes time to organize clothes, shoes and accessories, so the result is a nice, tidy and efficient wardrobe. The best starting point is to carefully consider Sien’s need for storage and then incorporate practical solutions into the design.

We start with something absolutely fundamental – whether you plan on hanging or folding the kids wardrobe, it is crucial to optimize the storage areas’ goals for your clothes. First of all, pay attention to the width of your clothing. Your cabinets and shelves will vary from 35cm to 60cm in depth, and most shirts, blouses, jackets and coats will fit nicely into bracket sections with a depth of 60cm.

If the depth is smaller, you risk your clothes getting too tight – and then it will be curled. The best thing is to base the design on the types of clothes you make the most in. Kids wardrobe usually require no high sections with only a single hanger bar (it should just be long coats). Therefore, it is ideal to add more low sections if the wardrobe primarily consists of shirts, habit pants and casual clothes.

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