The Dimensions Of Wardrobe Dresser

Modern Wardrobe Dresser Design

Wardrobe dresser – A dressing room offers more space than a traditional wardrobe, although some of that space is walking room and an area to dress in. Walk-ins usually have three walls capable of handling extra storage space, and although each has individual dimensions, there are some rules and general rules to follow regarding the design of yours.

A dressing room has an area where someone can stand and walk, as well as space to hang clothes such as suits, shirts and socks, which means the wardrobe dresser should be wide enough to include space for walking and space to hang clothes. Since the typical person needs about 3 feet of space to walk and maneuver comfortably, and the clothing requires 2 feet of space to hang when hung on a hanger, the minimum width of a walk-in closet is at least 5 feet.

The height of a wardrobe dresser is usually the ceiling height of the room. Most wardrobe dresser is constructed by formulating a section of the room on the walls that go from floor to ceiling. There is no reason or benefit beads to make the ceiling lower than the surrounding ceiling, so in almost all cases the height will be interior height of the wall of your house. Door height is usually an 80-inch standard.

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