Tips For Painting Kitchen Storage Shelves

Choosing A Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Refinishing kitchen storage shelves provide an outdated kitchen with an immediate facelift. It is not necessary to pay a professional to create a professional quality job. With careful preparation, a kitchen cabinet makeover is feasible in a weekend.

Remove hardware

Before getting started removing all hardware. It includes handles and hinges. Use a low-setting drill or a standard screwdriver to complete the task. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but the kitchen storage shelves will stand up to new paint job. Consider taking the opportunity to clean the hardware. When the doors are removed, install them on saw horses or old chairs. Make sure they are horizontal during painting to avoid drops and bottoms. Either remove drawer fronts or just support them for painting. Let the paint dry for 24 hours before hanging. Number of drawers and doors, so it is obvious to put them back when they dry.

Use High Quality Brushes and Rollers

Kitchen storage shelves it is possible to hire a spray gun from a home improvement store, spray painting is messy and takes technology for a professional finish. Instead, select high quality brushes to produce glass smooth finish. Buy a 1.5 inch tapered brush for detail work and a two-inch wide brush for regular surfaces. Finish with two- or three-inch quality fuzzy roles to smooth the brush lines. Use the roller to apply the paint to cabinet bodies without drip.

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